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SB2C Helldiver Aircraft Art Gallery.

SB2C Helldiver Specifications. 

Please Note:  The specifications on this page are only for a single model of this airplane other models of the SB2C Helldiver may vary.  This hobby shop page has lots of model airplanes, books, movies, videos, DVD movies, and aviation art, so please give it time to load.

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SB2C Helldiver Aviation Prints

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Curtiss SB2C Helldiver
Tony Weddel. 

This painting shows a Helldiver pilot from the "USS Hancock" on the day after the Battle of Leyte Gulf (October 26th, 1944), as he dives on one of the fleeing remnants from Admiral Ozawa's shattered fleet. Four Japanese carriers, a cruiser, and a number of destroyers were sunk during this battle. 23"x 19" aviation art print. .....#0008520 $19.95





Big Tailed Beasts
Stan Stokes. 

Here is Lt. Paul Brehm in his Curtiss SB2C Helldiver attacking the  "Hyuga," a WWI Japanese battleship that had been converted to part seaplane  tender. 16"x 11½" signed and numbered limited edition aviation art print.  .....#0007860 $39.95

Harold Buell / SB2C Helldiver
Ernie Boyette. 

Signed by Commander Buell, pilot of this SB2C Helldiver and leader of  "Buell and Company," this limited edition print features a wonderful depiction of the Helldiver and also documents Buell's amazing wartime exploits, including his receipt  of 20 decorations including the Navy Cross, Silver Star, three Distinguished Flying Crosses and more. Print measures 18"x 12" and is also signed by the artist.  .....#0007067 $59.95









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